[mythtv-users] Another take on large-capacity disk enclosures

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Jun 15 23:49:50 UTC 2009

On Monday 15 June 2009 17:36:49 Another Sillyname wrote:

> A fairly simple and upgradable high density server can be built using
> the following components....
> Coolermaster Stacker Case (I'm not sure of the later versions but the
> 801 original version had 12 5.25" bays if you removed the front USB
> connectors).
> 2 x 600w PSU's for load spreading

I think that's overkill on the power supplies. Running them so far below their 
rated output would likely result in poor efficiency. Running 6 drives would 
only be 10% of total capacity.

What is the Areca SATA controller you mentioned, I'm not familiar with it?

Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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