[mythtv-users] HD Stuttering Work Around

Carl Hoffmann carlhoffmann at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 17:37:20 UTC 2009

For the longest time, at least since Mythbuntu 8.10, on some occasions some
HD programs will stutter when played back.  I have tired all the playback
profiles, but none seemed to smooth out the stuttering. Also, it was not
consistent what episodes of a given show would stutter. Transcoding the file
only occasionally fixed the problem and sometimes messed up the A/V sync.

During an 'ah-ha' moment, I realized that on the episodes that stuttered,
the recording would start before the channel was tuned in.  FWIW, the tuner
is a SA3250 cable box controlled by firewire. What I then tried was, while
the program is playing, open the menu and edit the program, putting a cut
point after the progam I want to watch starts and deleting eveything before
the cut point. Then when I exit out of the editor, the stuttering stops!

I can only guess why this works, but I think that if I knew how to delay the
recording until the channel has been changed, I would not have to worry
about why and stop having to do this quick edit.  Until then, I hope this
works for some of you who also suffer with this issue.
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