[mythtv-users] Nova 500 DVB-T Dual Tuner - Are they rubbish?

Alex Butcher mythlist at assursys.co.uk
Mon Jun 15 14:59:20 UTC 2009

On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, Paul Gardiner wrote:

> David Whyte wrote:
>> I have activated the inbuilt amplifier as described here
>> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Hauppauge_WinTV_Nova-T_500_PCI
> Any chance that you could have messed up that in some way?
> Same card has been working fine for me for about a year.
> Every time I update my kernel, I rebuild the v4l-dvb drivers
> and I use the latest firmware.

My Nova-T-500 works fine with the 1.20 firmware and the standard v4l-dvb
driver included in the kernel from 17 October 2008.

I gather the IR receiver may need a newer driver to work, but I don't use
the 500's as I use one belonging to a plain Nova-T in the same system

> Cheers,
> 	Paul.

Best Regards,

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