[mythtv-users] Strange behaviour with different displays for frontend

Chris Poole chris at chrispoole.com
Mon Jun 15 11:54:01 UTC 2009

Hi guys, I hope someone can offer some explanation for this, because it's
got me totally confused.

I'm running Myth 0.21, using Mythbuntu 9.04.

I've installed and checked everything works fine using a VGA monitor I have.

When I swap cables to use my TV, it doesn't work.

Using monitor, I turn on and after a few minutes get mythfrontend.

Using TV, I turn on and am presented with XFCE menubar, and mythbuntu
wallpaper. Cursor moves, but keyboard doesn't seem to do anything. No

How can changing the monitor change this?


(I'm using an older Intel Mac mini (Intel 945GM graphics) as both frontend
and backend, and have a PAL widescreen SDTV in the UK. Connection is either
via DVI-VGA adapter to monitor, or DVI-video (composite) Apple adapter to
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