[mythtv-users] mythweb thumbnails

Shawn Haggett podge at podgeweb.com
Sun Jun 14 23:52:19 UTC 2009

On Saturday 13 June 2009 02:50:38 Steve Heistand wrote:
> so I have a new frontend/slave backend machine with tuners in it.
> it and the real backend are running trunk version 20666.
> everyone is happy except for mythweb which doesnt create
> the small thumbnails to display of recordings the slave BE makes.
> Looking around on google and gossemer but havent found anything of any use.
> anyone have any thoughts/suggestions?

I had a similar problem several months ago, with the additional behaviour that 
while mythweb would show all my recordings, the times were 30mins out, and 
clicking on a recording would tell me it didn't exist. Turns out I had to set 
the timezone in the php config. Then the times displayed correctly, and I could 
read the details for each recording. As I remember, the final step was to 
delete all the cached thumbnails in mythweb's directory (not the pics in the 
mythtv data directory, but within the mythweb directory on the webserver), so 
it would recreate them.


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