[mythtv-users] Anyone compiled trunk 20697 with no issue?

Rafael Moslin rafmoslin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 17:50:28 UTC 2009

Jean-Yves, thanks for the reply, I know its not exactly efficient to do a
distclean every time but I've written a basic svn update, configure and
compile script that also does a distclean as a matter of course for Mythtv,
plugins etc. I don't mind doing a full recompile from scratch as it only
takes a few minutes.

Paul, just updated to svn 20699 with your class change from 20698 and
compiled good as gold, ta awfully!

As a total aside, what is with all the fairly recent rash of compile
warnings with "bool MSqlQuery::exec()" returning a non-required value? Just
curiosity, wish my programming skills had got as far as C sometimes...

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