[mythtv-users] Fedora 11 - DG45FC good news but screen resolution problem

stan stanlist at cox.net
Sun Jun 14 17:14:11 UTC 2009

I previously tried mythtv on my Intel DG45FC mobo which has an onboard G45
Express chipset and an Intel GMA X4500HD graphics chip.  The board has a DVI
(dual link) output which I connected to my TV's DVI input.

Capturing worked well under Fedora 10 using an Hauppauge 950Q, but playback
had skips.

I installed Fedora 11 and tested only playback using VLC by playing a
previously recorded 1080i TV show.  It seemed to play fine with the graphics
drivers that came with Fedora 11. (Don't take this as a final test result.
I should test more programs using mythtv.)

I haven't installed mythtv yet because I ran into a strange screen
resolution problem.

My TV seems to have a native resolution of 1980 X 1080 using the DVI input.

Gnome displays a maximum of only 1024 X 768 which displays as a small
desktop in the center of the TV screen.

KDE starts out with the same 1024 X 768 but I can change it to 1980 X 1080
with the Display control panel.  KDE, though, reverts back to the small 1024
X 768 when I log out and log in (i.e. the high resolution doesn't stick
across logins).

Any ideas how to get gnome and KDE to start out with the 1980 X 1080


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