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Peter Abplanalp pta-myth at psaconsultants.com
Fri Jun 12 15:51:06 UTC 2009

sorry about the ambiguous subject but i didn't know what else to put.

i've been running myth for about 5 years.  i've used only pvr-150's.  i've
always transcoded recordings.  i've had no trouble with the system at all
until last september.  at that time i got a hdhomerun and added it in.
since then i've had pretty bad video artifacts in the recordings that come
from the hdhr.  both hdhr tuners go to one machine with one disk.  i tried
moving the hdhr between a couple of my slave backends including putting the
hdhr tuners on different boxes but the problem persists.  i've tried asking
on the silicondust forums and they seem to think it is a signal strength
issue but i've set up nagios to graph signal strength and it seems to be
ok.  also, when i watch tv on all the inputs on different boxes/tv's, the
video comes through fine, no artifacts.  i've also tried not transcoding
recordings thinking it was the transcoding that was introducing the
artifacts.  didn't help.  i'm at a loss as to what i should try next.  can
anyone suggest some things to try in order to help figure out what is going
on here?

thanks in advance,

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