[mythtv-users] Incorporate "number of recordings to keep" in upcoming recordings view of mythweb?

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 18:19:24 UTC 2009

I record a whole slew of kids shows for my three young children.
Almost all of them are set to only keep 2 episodes at a time. These
shows are set to record at any time on any channel and most of them
are short (< 30 min), so between the three kids they may watch 3 or 4
episodes a day. When they watch a show and it gets deleted, my
upcoming recordings view in mythweb gets overwhelmed with their shows
because each show is shown multiple times a day on multiple channels.
Even though only 1 or 2 episodes will actually be recorded it flags
all of the episodes for upcoming recordings. So instead of having 3 or
4 show in mythweb, I get 30 or 40 in my upcoming recordings. This
clutters up the upcoming recordings and it causes artificial
conflicts. As soon as 2 of episodes are actually recorded the problem
goes away because the rest get deactivated with the flag "too many".

I realize that this behavior is one rational way of having the
scheduler deal with "number of recordings to keep". For my case I
would prefer if the scheduler would only mark the ones that will
actually be recorded and deactivate the future recordings that would
exceed the quota. This would make it easier to see what is really
going on with my upcoming recordings. I wouldn't ask or expect anybody
to change the scheduler for me. I thought there may be some way to
tweak the filters that mythweb uses so that they consider the "number
of recordings to keep" setting? Any suggestions on where to start
looking or how to accomplish this? Thanks.

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