[mythtv-users] nVidia drivers 185.18.14 now out, ubuntu mythtv packages update ...

Josh White jaw1959 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 02:10:37 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 9:53 PM, Johnny <jarpublic at gmail.com> wrote:

> > I installed the 185 driver on one of my Ubuntu machines last night, and
> now
> > I'm noticing some strange color issues, for example, white will look
> > flourescent orange, and skin tones are kind of blue-green.  I see it if I
> > use mplayer (which I believe is the vdpau enabled version), but if I try
> the
> > same file with 'movie player' or something else, I don't get the color
> > issue. Has anyone else noticed similar problems?  I'm using a 9600GT
> video
> > card, running JYA's Jaunty branch of myth, AMD 64.
> Have you been reading this thread? JYA just posted about how 185 is
> unstable and he took it out of his stable repository because he and
> many others have had problems with it. It is still in his testing
> repository. When I ran 185 I had all kinds of problems not just with
> video playback, but I had problems when using OpenGL for the mythtv
> menus. I closed out myth and had blocking and stuff even on my
> desktop. I rolled back to 180.60 and everything was fine for me.
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No, I haven't been following this thread, but I found it once I had a reason
to start looking.  Actually, 185 is working better for me than 180 in most
respects, with the exception of the color issue.  It doesn't seem to do it
from within myth, but I noticed it while viewing some online video, and when
using mplayer vs other players.  I was hoping someone would say to "check
[this] box in nvidia-settings" and I'd be set.  Guess I'm not so lucky this
time.  I never actually intended to install it, but there was an upgrade
that wasn't able to complete unless I did a "partial upgrade" and I
foolishly clicked "ok" and here I am.  Now when I try to revert to the 180
driver using the "Hardware Drivers" method, it tells me I can't because I
have a broken package, and if I try to do it through synaptic, it says I
have to basically uninstall myth.  So right now, I'm not sure what to do.
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