[mythtv-users] ATSC EIT confuses show descriptions?

Harry Coin hcoin at quietfountain.com
Thu Jun 11 01:59:02 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 7:55 AM, Harry Coin <hcoin at quietfountain.com> wrote:

> >
> > It is not always wrong, nor is it very predictable.   Is EIT broken and
> > should I turn it off?   Does it have a timezone problem matching
> > descriptions to shows?  Something?  What?
> >
This sounds a lot like you have both schedules direct *and* EIT going on 
the same channel. You should never, ever, EVER do this because, well, 
this happens. It can also result in your shows not being recorded 
because the EIT ever-so-slightly doesn't match one of your rules. Use 
EIT or SD, but not both on a channel. Robert

Robert and all,

Thanks much.   Did I miss the guidance that this was a bad thing or  
miss a system warning I'd made an incompatible choice?   When I chose to 
enable EIT on the ATSC tuner the schedules direct thing was all turned 
on and working, yet there was no warning what I had done was a bad idea 
that I could catch.   I use the default 'gant' theme which usually cuts 
off the bottom 1/3 of the descriptions on mythtv-setup so I suppose I 
could have missed it.   But usually in software things that generate 
errors if both chosen are part of a grouped set of choices where the 
system's user interface won't allow users to choose them both in the 
first place.

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