[mythtv-users] New release of scte65scan (mainly for Comcast users)

Dennis Lou dlou99 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 10 04:02:01 UTC 2009

> From: RAM <ram at bca.com>
> Problem -->  Existing system had 1 analog and 3
> digital tuners 
> (WinTV-HVR 1600 & HDhomerun) and the SQL script
> generated started with 
> mplexid = 1.  This resulted in an error for a
> duplicate value when it 
> hit an existing database entry. 
> My hack allows a fixed offset to be added to all the
> generated SQL 
> commands, which should allow you to specify a starting
> point above the 
> last existing entry, and if you want to have a second CC
> digital input 
> you could use it to move the start of the generated
> "mplexid".

Thanks for the bug report.

Actually, I think some more sophisticated MySQL might be a better solution.  I'll look into it.



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