[mythtv-users] Zotac ION / no video using DVI/HDMI and nvidia driver

Paul Gallaway pgallaway at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 15:14:02 UTC 2009

> I have fiddled with the BIOS options - but everything just works fine on my
> computer monitor connected using HDMI.
> Thanks guys - I've tried every xorg.conf option I can think of, but fear
> that the unique combination of this board and my TV weren't destined for
> each other!
> Best,
> Nick

> First, you can get a TTY by changing to one, which means your HDMI
> output is definitely working to that TV.
> Unless I missed it, the one thing you haven't mentioned is if your TV
> supports HDCP or not.
> The Mac Mini doesn't do HDCP to the best of my knowledge, and so a
> non-HDCP TV should work fine with it.
> The Zotac is HDCP compliant though, and if your TV isn't HDCP
> compliant, maybe that is the issue?
> VGA would work, because there is no HDCP across that.
> I wouldn't have even thought HDCP would be any issue for the desktop,
> just for content with HDCP on it, but, I'm just guessing anyway.
> Is there anything in the Zotac BIOS to turn off HDCP?
> Good Luck!
> Frank

Frank's response didn't thread in gmail for some reason but I think he
has recommended the best next step to look into; disabling HDCP on
your Ion board or enabling on your TV (if it's possible on either).
See his response above if you missed it.

Barring an obvious menu change, there does appear to be some trouble
with the set and 1:1 pixel mapping over HDMI, possibly HDCP related.
Read the thread on your TV set over at avsforum as the info is there
but it's going to take more time to find it than the 5 minutes I spent
looking. Apparently there is a possible solution posted but I gave up
looking for it (found lots of responses referencing it but no one
bothered posting a link). If it involves the service menu you will
probably have to request someone PM the instructions to you.

My next suggestion would have been to look at defining an EDID in your
xorg.conf or forcing a modeline  Both are discussed here:
If it's an HDCP problem then you are unlikely to get very far with
either of those methods.

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