[mythtv-users] HDhomerun in Australia

Ben Coleman arrikhan_mail at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jun 7 07:28:11 UTC 2009

Jason Lewis wrote:
> I have an HDHomeRun and its working well for me (in Sydney). While I can
> receive HD with it, I never actually watch HD except for testing
> purposes as I don;t have a hd capable tv yet. So I can say that it works
> flawlessly in SD. ymmv in HD.
> One setting I found I had to change in mythtv was I has to tell mythtv
> to always use fast tuning (in mythtv-setup). When this was not set, I
> could watch live TV fine using the hdhr, but recordings would fail.
> No idea why - i just found a post somewhere that told me to change the
> setting. After that it worked.
> Hope that helps,
> Jason

Can I ask what version of mythtv you are running?

I bought an HDHR some time ago but am yet to get it up and running on 
Myth specifically (fine on other progs) and I am trying to determine 
what ver. of myth The Australian release of HDHR works on.

Thanks ..



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