[mythtv-users] Hitachi L32A403 LCD

James Kaufman jmk at kaufman.eden-prairie.mn.us
Sun Jun 7 03:42:18 UTC 2009

I bought this set today to replace a much older 27" CRT and am very 
pleased with it so far. It was easy to set up Myth. I just commented out 
these lines in xorg.conf:

#	Option	    "UseDisplayDevice" "TV-0"
#	Option	    "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
#	Option	    "TVOverScan" "0.65"

and changed:

Modes    "800x600"


Modes    "1360x768"

I picked that resolution because the manual stated that for a PC 
connection, the mode should be 1360x768.

I found it interesting that the TV contains an AC3 decoder from the 
lba52 source under the GNU Public License, as well as a PNG decoder and 
zlib, each with their own licenses. The manual states, "If you would 
like to learn more about the Free Software Foundation, Inc. or the GNU 
software project, please visit http://fsf.org" Is this typical for a 
television provider these days?

I was space constrained to a 32" TV, so I purchased a 720p system, 
knowing that it would be just fine. I don't have any other Myth 
installation to compare to, but the picture looks good to me. The TV has 
PC, S-Video, 2 composite, 2 component, and 4 HDMI connections. It also 
has an optical audio out connector. Seems like a lot of connections for 
as inexpensive as this television was.

I picked it up at Microcenter after looking at televisions at Best Buy 
and Ultimate Electronics. I hope I made a good purchase. The last piece 
of Hitachi hardware I bought was a VCR back in the early 80's. It still 

I put some info in the wiki under HDTV Database. There isn't a lot of 
info in the database. Perhaps we could all add some notes about the 
televisions we use and how easy they were to set up.

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