[mythtv-users] 50Hz DVB frame rate with 60Hz TV HDMI input

Justin Smith justin at smithpolglase.com
Sat Jun 6 13:48:11 UTC 2009

Hi Jean-Yves (or anyone else who can help),

I think I read on this list that you are in Aus and have a Sony TV. I've 
been looking into upgrading my TV recently have downloaded a couple of 
the Sony user manuals to check out the features. According to these, the 
HDMI interfaces only support 1080p @ 60Hz when connected to a PC, not 
50Hz which is broadcast in Aus.

Have you found this to cause any loss in picture quality when using Myth 
with Aus HDTV?

Or is there a way to drive the TVs at 50Hz?

I've noticed that other TV's have similar specs (e.g. recent Samsung LCD 


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