[mythtv-users] lowest CPU speed and RAM size

Alex Butcher mythlist at assursys.co.uk
Fri Jun 5 13:59:00 UTC 2009

On Fri, 5 Jun 2009, Tom Sparks wrote:

> What is lowest CPU speed and RAM size I need for a scheduled recorder, no
> live TV using DVB-T?
> I am undecided about running a frontend on the same hardware

My MythTV box was a Celeron 1.7GHz with 256MB for quite a while. DVB-T is
light on CPU, because the MPEG encoding is done by the broadcaster, so all
your Myth box needs to do is grab frames off the PCI bus and write them to
files. AFAICS, a multiplex is 24 Mbit/s, which isn't very challenging for
halfway modern hardware.

On my current Myth FE/BE system, the frontend is using 223MB, X 43MB, MySQL
30MB and the backend 30MB resident. I'd suggest at least 512MB these days,
or more to allow for bloat in later versions. :-)

> tom_a_sparks


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