[mythtv-users] first build, $695 - extra eyes, please

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 13:28:52 UTC 2009

>> I'm assuming that you're running on a Linus disto -- does MythTV do
>> Windoze? That being the case, you should be aware that Nvidia-based
>> systems are not supported in the leading distos, the drivers being
>> binary-only. Kernels with builtin Nvidia drivers are available from
>> other sources, or its easy to install them yourself. People will give
>> you strange looks, however.
> Does it really matter if a drivers is included in a kernel or not ?
> When I installed Ubuntu 9.04, it automatically installed the 180.xx
> nvidia drivers which supports VDPAU by default.
> That it was integrated to the kernel, or installed by another package,
> I couldn't care less really.
> All it matters is that out of the box, vdpau and nvidia drivers were
> installed and working properly

You have talked with Richard Stallman very much have you? ;-) Having
the source code is very important to a lot of people who make the
major Linux distributions and in the community. I think that was the
issue he Many other's don't really care about that as long as it
works. However saying that the binary drivers are not supported in
most of the major distributions is very misleading. Most of the
distributions default to the open source drivers, but they all of the
major distributions have repositories available with the binary
drivers available from nividia. Ubuntu is unique and somewhat
controversial for actually including a gui that will automatically
detect that there are proprietary binary drivers available and suggest
that you install them.

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