[mythtv-users] What do you think is the best de-interlacer to use?

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 08:39:12 UTC 2009


I posted earlier, that VDPAU brought the best de-interlacers to Linux...

I saw in LIRC that it created some caustic remarks ....

I stand by that comment.

I've tried them all and IMHO, they go in this order:

1-VDPAU Temporal Spatial 2X (Advanced 2X in Myth)
2-VDPAU Temporal 2X (Temporal 2X in Myth)
3-OpenGL / Greedy High Motion(2x, hw accelerated)
4-OpenGL / Kernel (2x,hw accelerated)
5-XVideo / Greedy High Motion (2X)

However, OpenGL / Greedy High motion failed with some content, so
before VDPAU came I was using OpenGL / Kernel 2X, HW (using Mark
Kendal OpenGL 0.21 patch)

The best result I ever got is with the "Interlaced 2X" deinterlacer
that was recently added to trunk, but this one leaves the
deinterlacing job to the TV. And my Sony TV does a fantastic job, so
it doesn't really count in this rating. Plus it has many limitations
preventing the use in many cases (like the output resolution and
refresh rate must match the video)

I never managed to get Yadif 2X to work with HD content no matter the
system I tried ; last time was with an AMD quad-core 2.6GHz and a
nvidia 9800GT, so you would think it had enough grunt.
I know many use different de-interlacers, but usually it's because
their frontend wouldn't cope with the one above: not enough grunt.

I posted this a long time ago, in response to Mark Kendall's OpenGL
patch for 0.21:
A description of most of the deinterlacers, the typical CPU usage and
the quality of them.

What do you guys use?


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