[mythtv-users] VDPAU ?

Greg Grotsky spikeygg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 06:26:02 UTC 2009

Since my 8400GS card was bad out of the chute, I have been given a 2nd try
at buying a video card.  I'm trying to determine which card would work best
for VDPAU so I can use the Advanced 2x deint option.  When the 8400GS was
working it couldn't handle the Advanced 1x deint option with a 1080i
stream.  My biggest limitation is that I'm using PCI (not PCIe), or AGP but
apparently there are no VDPAU AGP cards.  So I found this 9500GT at
Will this be enough to crunch with Advanced 2x deint?

I currently have my wife's GeForce 8600 (stolen from her computer) in the
mythbox and it's working fine with "High Quality" profile (CPU intensive
decoding), and it looks perfect.  I've looked up the specs for the 8600 that
I'm currently using and the 9500GT that I'm thinking about getting:

 Nvidia 6800 (AGP) [works well with all decoding done on cpu]
- Process node: 110nm
- Transistors: 222 million
- Core speed: 325MHz
- Mem speed: 350MHz
- Mem bus width: 256-bit
- Memory bandwidth: 179.2Gbits/s

Nvidia 8500GS (PCI) [worked *okay* with lighter deint options, Adv1X would
stutter badly]
- Process node: 65nm
- Transistors: 210 million (?)
- Core speed: 567MHz
- Mem speed: 400MHz
- Mem bus width: 64-bit <- I'm thinking this is a problem
- Memory bandwidth: 51.2Gbits/s

Nvidia 9500GT (PCI)
- Process node: 65nm
- Transistors: 314 million
 - Core speed: 550MHz
- Mem speed: 500MHz
- Mem bus width: 128-bit
 - Memory bandwidth: 128.0Gbits/s

If the memory bandwidth is the problem with the 8500GS, then the 9500GT has
almost what the 6800 has and it's crunching power is more substantial than
the 6800.  Unfortunately, there are no PCI 9500GT cards listed on the mythtv
VDPAU wiki page <http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/VDPAU>.  Anyone have real
world results for the PCI card avaliable at newegg?

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