[mythtv-users] first build, $695 - extra eyes, please

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Fri Jun 5 00:10:50 UTC 2009

Brian Wood wrote:
> On Thursday 04 June 2009 17:48:25 Geoffrey Leach wrote:
>> I've found that dnsmasq servers nicely for this purpose.
> That, or the standard DHCP servers included with or available for most Linux 
> distros. The DHCP servers in a lot of home routers are, let's say, lacking.

Yup.  Personally, I really like dnsmasq because it's easy to set up, and 
you get split-horizon DNS and DNS caching for your home network "at no 
additional cost," too. ;)  It's certainly easier than tinkering with bind.

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