[mythtv-users] HDhomerun in Australia

Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Thu Jun 4 12:08:50 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 9:49 PM, Phil Wild <philwild at gmail.com> wrote:

> >>
> >> Can anyone please confirm that the Silicon Dust HDHomeRun actually works
> with mythtv in Australia?
> >>
> >> Does anyone actually have this device running in their setup without
> issue?
> >>
> >> Did you have to do anything special to get it to work?
> >>
> >
> > If it does work you'll still lose multirec, which is a big shame since
> the device supports it.
> >
> Sorry, Can you explain this a bit better What is multirec? and why do
> I lose it if the device supports it?

I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that you're currently running mythtv in
australia with DVB-T tuners, and are looking to replace them with the

MythTV allows you to record more than 1 thing per tuner with DVB-T, as long
as they are on the same multiplex.  So for example you could record:
ABC1 - 8:55 to 9:35
ABC1 - 9:25 to 10:05 (5 minute padding before and after)
ABC2 - 9:00 to 10:00

And it will only take 1 tuner.  Without multirec that would take 3 tuners,
so you'd have a conflict.

In Australia the multiplex ability is nice, but the overlaps is what really
makes it shine.

The HDHomerun DVB-T has seperate API commands for "tune" vs "pull stream
with PID 2482," and thus could do multirec, but (last I checked, maybe
someone will correct me?) mythtv does not yet support it.

The latest I saw on the dev list was in feb:

So apparently there's a patch out there, but I'm not certain:
1. if it's in trunk yet or still just in trac
2. if it's planned for fixes
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