[mythtv-users] 9xxx series motherboards/VDPAU

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 10:31:14 UTC 2009


2009/6/4 Steve Curtis <scurtis at fixation.net>:
> Hello all,
> Thought I'd just report back my progress with the Gigabyte E7AUM-DS2H board
> with a E5200 2.5Ghz processor.  This thing really flies and works a treat

It's a great board, too bad it isn't available here in Australia. I
had to buy mine off ebay

> in the guide, remote response etc.  I've got 2x Advanced deinterlacer on
> DVB-T Standard Def and the picture looks very good with the Nvidia 180.x
> driver set given Freeviews crappy resolution.
Use Temporal 2X for HD content, the 9400 IGP isn't fast enough for
Advanced 2X unfortunately.

Seems that the minimum for those is a 9500GT or 8600GT

> The only slight problem I have noticed is that mplayer is struggling to play
> some HD x264 files I have - though I was using the 185.x drivers previously
> so I think I'll move up to those and see if that fixes it.
> Thanks all for the comments.

If you use my "testing" repository, you'll get access to the 185.xx
drivers as well as mythtv and mplayer using those drivers.

Note that with my ubuntu packages, in mythvideo, if you press Info (I)
and select Play with default player, you can directly play a video
with mplayer.

Make sure you create in the home directory of the user running
mythfrontend a mplayer configuration so it uses VDPAU:

--- CUT below
# Write your default config options here!
# Default to digital sound, passthrough DTS and AC3

# Default to VDPAU output and codecs
--- CUT above.


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