[mythtv-users] distro

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 13:50:08 UTC 2009

> So the question is how good/up to date is Mythbuntu compared with Sid? As my
> bluetooth keyboard obviously doesn't work out of the box, I haven't
> actuially tried it yet, but does it simplify things like modeline
> customisation for PAL modes, and VDPAU, or is the setup likely to be pretty
> much the same as I'd get sticking with Sid?
> I'd consider moving if it made life easier, but otherwise will bang away at
> getting the Nvidia bug sorted from where I am now.

Being up to date is probably the primary difference between Debian and
Ubuntu. Ubuntu is on a relatively rapid update schedule (every six
months) compared to Debian (when its done). With this comes the
classic tradeoff of stability/robustness for the newest code. Ubuntu
is based off of Debian unstable. They do a freeze on Debian unstable
periodically and then their devs spend their time whipping it into
shape for what Ubuntu considers a stable release. I moved from Debian
to Ubuntu a few years ago and found the transition went very smooth.
In the years since I have learned to give a new release a month or two
before I update. Understandably there are usually a few major bugs
lingering around, but they usually get worked out pretty quickly in
the first few weeks after release. It is really a matter of taste. I
am an update junky and prefer to have everything updated frequently
even though it raises the occasional bug more often than I would see
in a Debian system.

I am running mythbuntu 9.04 and I have VDPAU working with mythtv with
almost minimal effort. I am very pleased with this build.

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