[mythtv-users] Video Editing HELP! (COMPLETE noobie)

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 16:34:51 UTC 2009

> For the MythTranscode line above -c and -s are taking a chanid and a
> starttime are they not?  This video is outside of MythTV, there is no
> database information for it, thus there is no starttime or chanid associated
> with the recording.  It was originally recorded through Myth but was
> transcoded and exported (without removing commercials) a long time ago.  The
> original video works (sound/video) but, obviously, there's still commercials
> in it that I'd like to get rid of.  Thus the external editor.

The mythtranscode command is to rebuild the seek table. Mythtv uses a
seek table to accurately skip forward and back. The seek problems your
described are most like caused by the seek table being messed up or
not rebuilt when you transcoded to remove the commercials. This
command will rebuild the seek table and should allow you to
fast-forward and rewind correctly. As far as the old transcoded videos
with commercials that you are editing outside of mythtv, that is a
separate set of issues.

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