[mythtv-users] Long delays with remote occasionally

Adam Skinner kingmoffa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 16:07:26 UTC 2009

I've been experiencing this problem as well - I use a lirc serial
homebrew (ebay) on a system with combined be/fe and many other

The problem only seems to  appear on the main be/fe machine and usually
when Im recording from DVB-S - the box also has DVB-T. Its hooked up to
an LCD with an intergrated Geforce 7XXX m/b.

Im pretty sure its related to lirc as I also have an iPhone with myth
remote app - that uses telnet to talk to the box. This works fine and is
nice and responsive , whilst using  the lirc_serial remote at the same
time - the frontend is v slow to respond.

The BE/FE is a standard ubuntu intrepid build with myth compiled from
svn 0.21 fixes and is up to date. 

One of the previous posts on this topic talked about the lastest nvidia
driver fixing things - as soon as thats out for intrepid I will give it
a shot and post if it fixes things. (The only other problem I have is
with the nvidia driver hanging the system - so Im not installing
anything nvidia related  by hand)

Thankfully the other FEs dont have this problem - so the WAF is still
good :) 

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