[mythtv-users] Myth experiences with Zotac ION + ATOM mobo

Glen Dragon gdragon at jetcom.org
Tue Jun 2 13:32:05 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 2:38 PM, <mythtv.t.wuuza at xoxy.net> wrote:

> > - Suspend (S3) worked with essentially no effort. Uses an average of 3
> > W in this state.
> Awesome - thanks for checking that out.
> > - Can playback at 1.4x - looks pretty good. logs show some dropped
> > frames, but still watchable depending on source.
> Does time stretch work for both ATSC and hd-pvr recordings?  Did the
> choice of deinterlacer affect it at all?  Is 1.4 the max you tried, or the
> max you could get?

ATSC recordings i think were fine.. I tried one at 1.4x and it was fine..
At one point i was using the de-int at all resolutions, but i changed it at
one point playing with stuff..  Now it's only on for 1080 material..   I
didn't notice any differnences, but it wasn't a very scietific experiment.

Personally for me 1.4x is the highest that i can watch something, and still
feel good about my self..  1.5x seemed to work the same at 1.4.

The biggest issue that i noticed was with the actual show.  Watching the
Tour of Romandie, i could do 1.4X and the video was watchable..  Trying to
watch Monaco GP was a bit painful with any acceleration (even 1.1X).  I'm
not quite sure why.  I notice in the logs that it's dropping frames, but i
don't know if thats normal.
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