[mythtv-users] Problem with VDPAU after broadcaster changes it encoder

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 02:43:10 UTC 2009

2009/6/1 David Wong <david.wong at marvel.com.hk>:
> Dear Jean-Yves and MythTV-users list,
> I have problem to decode a HD H.264 stream via VDPAU after the TV
> broadcaster changes its encoder.
> The problem exists on both latest svn development trunk and 0.21 stable
> branch.
> The screen would either corrupted or eventually endlessly looped within a
> few frames(with some incorrect slice/macro block).
> Soft reboot on linux doesn't help and it is still locked in that few frames.
> I am running Nvidia driver 180.51 on 9400 IGP
> latest svn snapshot (may 31, 2009) of mplayer plays it, but in slow motion.
> a capture of full mux of TS is uploaded at:
> http://www.sendspace.com/file/wzmajh
> Only the HD program is problematic, the other two SD channels are fine.


I've pulled out the 3 channels from that file and I get different results:-

HDJade (1080i/h264) - plays fine in Mythtv with both vdpau and
software decoding. mplayer has problems though.
j2 (576i/h264) - some corruption in mythtv with both vdpau and
software decoding. same in mplayer.
inews (576i/h264) - some corruption in mythtv with both vdpau and
software decoding and some serious av sync problems. same video
problems in mplayer though it handles the av sync better.

This is all tested with latest svn of both mplayer and mythtv with the
180.51 driver and a 9500GT. There may be some issues around how I
demuxed the stream (I used vlc) but that shouldn't really impact the

So in summary, I think you've got issues with the standard definition
encoding - mplayer complains about too many reference frames and
discards some, which is consistent with the corruption I'm seeing and
vlc complains about mbaff + spatial direct mode not being supported
(but vlc seems to play back the standard def streams quite well, seg
faults on the hd though).



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