[mythtv-users] Multicast IPTV problems (TPG, Aus)

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 01:28:43 UTC 2009


2009/6/2 Jon Whitear <jon at whitear.org>:
>> I have a separate BE/FE setup running 0.21-fixes. I’m trying to get IPTV
>> working (using multicast IPTV provided by my ISP – TPG in Sydney,
>> Australia.) I have set up a Freebox input and a source OK – the problem
>> seems to be a low level multicast issue on my backend box.
>> When I select an IPTV channel in Live TV on my front end, it appears to
>> try to ‘tune’ the channel, but eventually times out, saying I “should have
>> got a lock by now.” TCPdump on the backend shows no multicast traffic
>> flowing.
>> However, if I tune to and start watching the same channel using VLC on my
>> Macbook (on the same network), and then select that channel in Live TV on my
>> front end, it works just fine, and TCPdump shows the multicast traffic at
>> the backend.

I set a web page for this on how to get myth working with TPG:

Also provide an xmltv feed and grabber for TPG.

>> That suggests to me that for some reason my backend is failing to join the
>> multicast group properly. I have a Netgear gigabit switch that both the
>> backend and frontend are patched to. The Macbook is wireless via a Cisco AP
>> connected to the same switch. I assume that the switch isn’t smart enough to
>> do any IGMP snooping or other multicast smarts, in which case once my Mac
>> has joined the stream, the multicast packets would get sent to the backend.

Would you have a Billion ADSL modem by any chance ?
I've seen this happening a few times with billion modem...
Never had an issue with other dsl modem.

On your Cisco AP, make sure that you increase the multicast rate.
Because only you have a smart switch, when you start watching IPTV on
the backend, being multicast stream, the wireless link will get
flooded and will slow down your network to a crawl.


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