[mythtv-users] Shared /home across BE & FE?

Steve Heistand steve at heistand.org
Mon Jun 1 20:14:49 UTC 2009

On Mon, 1 Jun 2009 16:03:44 -0400, Brian Long wrote
> Hey folks,
> I've been trolling the list and haven't found suggestions about this.
> Does each FE need a separate home directory for mythtv and it's
> associated dot-files or can I share /home from the backend to all
> frontends?
> Just wondering because I'm seeing some strange behavior on my frontend
> (30 second pause on startup before connecting to the database) and I'm
> wondering if it's related to my NFS /home.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> /Brian/
> ______________

is your backend hostname listed in /etc/hosts?

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