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> Friends, 
> I have been following MythTV for a long time, but don't have the skills to bring it up in our home. 
> Need a back-end, multiple tuners (HDHR?), 5-7 front-ends (SD & HD, AppleTV boxes?), storage, etc. 
> If anyone knows of an experienced (!) Linux/MythTV consultant/installer in the SF Bay Area who would like to bid on such a project, please let me know. 
> Email to: js104 at xemaps.com 

js104, you might want to provide a little more information about what you *can* handle, technically speaking. 

If I were in the Bay Area and did this sort of consulting work I'd first ask you . . . have you ever worked with Linux or Unix? Used an editor, issued simple command lines, know how to restart a service or kill a process . . . that sort of thing. 
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