[mythtv-users] Recording from TV whilst watching a video

sonofzev at iinet.net.au sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Thu Jul 30 02:44:13 UTC 2009

On Thu Jul 30 12:20 , "Leigh Sharpe"  sent:

>Hi All, 
> This sounds 
>like something I should be able to do, but I've failed 
>I had a program 
>scheduled to record last night. At the time, I was also watching a video on my 
>myth box. I checked the backend status on MythWeb and saw that it was recording 
>when it should.
>However, when I go 
>into 'watch recordings' and try to watch the program I recorded, Myth tells me 
>that the file for the program cannot be found.
>Additionally, under 
>'Recorded Programs' in MythWeb, the program is listed as "still recording" some 
>12+ hours later, and the file size is 0B.
>Anybody care to 
>guess what I've done wrong? Have I tried to do something I can't do? 
>What can I do to 
>avoid having to tell somebody that I missed recording their favourite show (save 
>leaving the country)?
There is nothing you can do about this recording.. It does sound like something
isn't setup correctly. 

Have you been able to record (without doing anything else) before??

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