[mythtv-users] Some advice on new hardware

Jan mpr.list at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 28 17:47:01 UTC 2009

Hello everyone!

I am looking to upgrade our main Myth machine, both backend and most used
frontend. Currently it is a P4-1.8 GHz, with 600something MB RAM (before you
ask about the odd value, it's a faulty stick, limited to the amount of RAM
without errors by GRUB), a GeForce 6200 and a IDE 80 GB HDD. Tuner is a
Hauppauge Nova T 500 for DVB-T, this will remain unchanged. Also the case
will stay the same, Antec Fusion, so I'll have to pick a µATX mainboard.
What I am looking to upgrade is:
Mainboard, CPU, RAM and HDD

As I haven't followed the hardware market for years, I am completely unaware
of what the current standards are regarding CPU socket, most recommendable
chipset, reasonable CPU and sufficient video card are. To form some specific

1. Should I go for AMD or Intel as the processor? I do not need a Quad Core
Hyper Extreme Whatever Edition, a decent dual core should do it for now and
probably have some reserves for future possible HD playback. I want
something with low energy consumption and little heat production. An Atom
won't do it though, will it?

2. Now that we have decided for a CPU, which chipset is the preferrable? As
mentioned above, I need a µATX board.

3. As you have probably noticed by the lack of a video card in the shopping
list, ideally I would like to have a board with integrated video. Those seem
to be frequent in µATX form factor, so that should not be a problem. GeForce
or is Intel GMA good enough? I have not found any ATI integrated video
solutions while looking at mainboards.

4. Generally, any mainboard brands to avoid? Most frequently I have seen
Biostar, Asrock or MSI...

5. Are 2 GB RAM sufficient? Is dual channel helpful?

6. HDD: As I also try to keep it cheap, 750 GB will be more than enough,
almost 10 times of what I have now will enable about 250 recording to be
kept... I have good experiences with Samsung drives, if anyone can recommend
any other silent and reliable drives though, please go ahead.

Did I mention that I want to purchase these parts for around 200 €? ;)

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