[mythtv-users] Remote Mythfrontend Problem

Steve Milner mythtv at stephen-milner.me.uk
Sat Jul 25 21:53:32 UTC 2009

On 25/07/09 22:08, Mark Garland wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> "(I had to start
> mythfrontend from a terminal with a -l logfile.log to get a log)"
> Is there nothing in /var/log/mythtv ?   (not sure from memory if 'myth' or
> 'mythtv').
> If I start the backend and frontend as a service, that's where all my logs
> end up.

On my fronted system I don't have a /var/log/myth*

On the backend though, that's where I find the backend log.

How do you start the frontend as a service?

To start the mythfrontend on FC11 I simply start if from a gnome menu.


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