[mythtv-users] Freesat EPG/EIT on trunk, as second video source

Gareth Glaccum gareth.glaccum at btopenworld.com
Sat Jul 25 17:42:36 UTC 2009

Can someone confirm whether they have a similar setup running?
I am running trunk (21006, ?tuesday?), and cannot decide whether

this is a bug - so I'll open a ticket (there is one open on scanning, but I 
believe this is channel scanning, not EIT)
user error - happy for this to be shown
not (re-)implemented /yet/ in trunk- so I'll shut up and do something else, 
I believe the EIT scanner was re-written. (I understand that by running 
trunk there are areas which are likely to not be in a production capable 
state, but I cannot see any tickets which relate to this problem 
specifically on EIT)

My previous setup was .20, and it worked as:

MBE - 3x DVB-T tuner cards with a video source set as DVB-T. Used over 
air-guide as only listings source

SBE - 1x Hauppage Nova-HD-S2, with a video source set as DVB-S. Used over 
air-guide as only listings source

Now I am on trunk with the same hardware, and in theory same configuration. 
The MBE can correctly perform EIT scans on the DVB-T cards, with logging 
EIT, I can see the shows being detected.

The SBE does not seem to correctly perform the EIT scan. It does not appear 
to download the shows and list them the same was as the MBE with logging 
EIT. If I use liveTV, I can use the DVB-S card to correctly change to 
channels (correct channel number as before) and watch TV, but no EPG.

So, if the question above cannot be answered simply, can we get responses on 
the following (if they are positive, it must be user error!):

Is anyone using trunk with EIT and Freesat ONLY
Is anyone successfully running trunk with EIT and Freesat as the main 
listings grabber in a SLAVE Backend ONLY?


(configuration steps if someone wants to show me the error of my ways)
After initial failure, I went to SBE, and deleted video sources, I then 
deleted video cards on /this host/
I then went to MBE, deleted video sources, and then deleted cards on /ALL 
I then added 3x DVB-T (all x2 multirec) cards to the MBE + video source 
called DVB-T. Performed scan for channels. Ran mythfilldatabase, started 
MBE, EIT started for these cards.
With MBE running, went to SBE. Added DVB-S card (x2 multirec+LNB eurpoean 
setup, +recording options, 2000ms timeout, allow use for active EIT, not 
open on demand), and created video source DVB-S. I then had to use scandvb 
to scan the Astra-28.2E, then used this as a channels.conf import Found 1045 
non-conflicting channels. Then 51 conflicting channels, used suggest to add 
them. Then 33 conflicting mpeg channels, again used suggest to add them. I 
then went back and performed a scan of existing transports. (for both of 
these I have used the 'ignore signal timeout option' which I hadn't before, 
and initially I did try without the second scan).
I then exited mythtv-setup on the SBE. There was no request to run 
mythfilldatabase. I started the SBE. and nada. Here I have made the 
assumption that the MBE should not need to be restarted (it has been a 
couple of times through these problems anyway).

SBE mythlog (i.e. non-working):
2009-07-25 17:33:33.139 EITScanner (7): Now looking for EIT data on 
multiplex of channel 4704
2009-07-25 17:33:33.139 EITCache: Pruning all entries that ended before UTC 
2009-07-25 17:33:33.139 EITCache: Deleting old cache entries from the 
2009-07-25 17:33:33.460 EITScanner (7): Started passive scan.
2009-07-25 17:43:56.784 EITScanner (7): Now looking for EIT data on 
multiplex of channel 4222
2009-07-25 17:43:56.784 EITCache: Pruning all entries that ended before UTC 

No data in EPG either (as viewed by mythweb). 

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