[mythtv-users] Best PCI HD capture card?

Arthur H. Hamm Jr. badnewseveryone at izzy.net
Fri Jul 24 20:00:30 UTC 2009

>> I currently have a pair of WinTV-PVR-250's so I am used to having my
>> recordings in MPEG compression. I understand the HD-5500 does not let myth
>> control the pixel size or the bit rate of the recording. I have been told to
>> expect HD recordings in the 15 GB per hour range. This uses much more hard
>> drive space, more hard drive bandwidth and more CPU to play and record.
> I do not think any direct digital capture card does that. These just
> take the network feed and save it into a file.

Are you saying you don't think the WinTV-HVR-1600 built-in hardware 
MPEG-2 encoder will allow the encoding of a HD source? Or is the 1600 
the only card with a hardware encoder that will?

Arthur H. Hamm Jr.
BadNewsEveryone at izzy.net

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