[mythtv-users] Best PCI HD capture card?

Arthur H. Hamm Jr. badnewseveryone at izzy.net
Fri Jul 24 19:47:06 UTC 2009

> Is there a reason you need a PCI card?  I have the HDHomeRun and I love 
> it.  Tech support is very good (they have an IRC channel).  It grabs QAM 
> and ATSC at the same time if you want (it has 2 tuners on it).  It uses 
> ethernet to get the stream into your computer (very easy) and totally 
> supported in Myth.

PCI is my first choice because I can just pull one of my PVR-250's. I am 
not totally against the HDHR. I am mostly concerned with the picture 

My reply to Marc spells out my other concerns.

Arthur H. Hamm Jr.
BadNewsEveryone at izzy.net

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