[mythtv-users] myblaster and new dish stb. *sigh*

David Schlenk mythtv at schdav.org
Fri Jul 24 14:55:10 UTC 2009

>> Any more advice or comments about dish network, configuration,
>> hardware, software, etc.?

There is a device that Dish just announced called the TV2 IR
Converter, part #163933 that allows you to control the 2nd tuner on
dual tuner boxes with IR. Basically its a box that plugs into the UHF
remote antenna that converts the dish IR commands to UHF. I believe
its $35 and you have to get it from a "dish retailer" who will
probably have to special order it for you. You can look up nearby dish
retailers on dish's website. I haven't got my hands on one yet but
plan to.

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