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On 24/07/2009, at 9:03 AM, Casey Bragg <caseybragg at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have a need to be able to toggle the AC3 and DTS pass through  
> settings depending on what I'm watching.  I created a script to do  
> that directly in the database.  I trigger the script from a menu item.
> To turn passthrough on, I run this SQL:
> " update mythconverg.settings set data=1 where value like  
> '%PassThru' and hostname='mythfemain' "
> The script works, but the change doesn't seem to "take".  This is  
> not a sql commit problem.  I see the changed values in the DB.   
> However, if I toggle the passthrough buttons through the setup- 
> >general screen, the change works correctly.
> Is there some field I need to adjust other than settings.AC3PassThru- 
> >data and settings.DTSPassThru->data?
> Thanks!
> FYI - Somebody might need to know why I'm doing this.  The reason is  
> that I'm feeding two TVs off of one head.  One TV apparently can't  
> handle the AC3/DTS signal, but the other can.  The one apparently  
> can only handle stereo over SPDIF(actually over HDMI).  Bummer.   
> It's a Sony Bravia LCD. Would have been nice to know before purchase.
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When you're changing the settings on the fly like this, the playback  
isn't restarted so the audio settings stays as they were as the  
database isn't read until you restarted it.

If you check ticket #5900, I allows on the fly changes. This is much  
more complicated than just changing the database value.

You could use #5900 as a starting point and see what is bein done to  
change on the fly.

Quite a bit of effort will be required here.

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