[mythtv-users] Remote Mythfrontend Problem

Steve Milner mythtv at stephen-milner.me.uk
Mon Jul 20 14:02:44 UTC 2009

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> Steve,
> This may or may not help.
> I had similar problems as you've explained but I came from a different
> set of circumstances. I thought it would be worth sharing anyway ... as
> it might point you somewhere else.
> I had a similar setup with separate backend/frontend and my motherboard
> died. I replaced the motherboard but left the original installation of
> myth 0.20 and an older debian.

Ah, OK, which failed the frontend or the backend?

> What I found was that I could not enable DMA on the disks and the disks
> could not handle the information as the drivers that were loaded weren't
> corresponding to the new motherboard. The motherboard was too new for
> the debian install I had.
> I installed a new debian release and mythtv 0.21 and those exact issues
> you were describing went away. Now I was assuming that not being able to
> turn DMA on for the HD's was the issue as moving files between PCs was
> an absolute drain on the PC without it and would drag the PC down to a
> stnadstill ... and that was at 100mbit!!!

I'm running centos 5.3 on both ends, but I have to be honest, I am 
wondering how good the Centos stuff is with the new hardware I'm using 
on the FE.

I have been using Centos 5.3 on the old combine BE/FE with little in the 
way of problems for some time before I decided to use it just as a BE.

If your ideas are correct then this could scupper my fallback plan which 
is to re-combine the BE/FE but on the new silent hardware.



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