[mythtv-users] Suspend to ram with IONITX

Marc Tousignant drayson at net1plus.com
Sat Jul 18 05:20:17 UTC 2009

> > >
> > > Does the Streamzap not support suspend?
> >
> > The lirc_streamzap driver has suspend/resume functions wired up, so
> in
> > theory, it supports it... But its entirely possible its broken. Its
> > also theoretically possible there's IR noise that the receiver is
> > picking up, and triggering a wakeup (could try covering the receiver
> > to eliminate that possibility though).
> >
> I'll try covering it, but it has a light that flashes when it receives
> any
> signals at all, even when using my remote for other devices, and that
> was
> not flashing.
> I kicked the suspend off from the console so I know it was not a stray
> transmission from my remote itself.

OK, covering the receiver had no effect. If I initiate a hibernate with the
USB bus that the receiver is connected to set to enable, the machine
hibernates and instantly resumes.
Think I need to go posting about this on the LIRC lists but I'm too tired at
the moment.


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