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>Hi everybody,


>Does anybody know how well mythtv will run these days on a beagleboard
based computer. 

>I know that there are patches for ffmpeg to support acceleration by the
DSP, but have these

>made their way in to myth?


>I'm asking because the new Touchbook (www.alwaysinnovating.com) is
coming Real Soon

>Now, and I'm eyeing it for a kitchen based SD frontend. I figure if I
hang one of these things

>under my kitchen cabinet, I'll be able to watch TV while I cook.

I too have my eye on the Touchbook. The only reason I have not put in my
order is I still

have not read a good third party review. I have not heard anything bad,
but the vast majority

of reviews I have seen lack detail.  I am debating on if I should just
buy one. Touchbook 

has a 15day no-questions-asked return policy that looks rather tempting.
I am so close to the

edge; I really want one but at the same time I have been burned by
products I know little



If you get one, please post a review. ;-)


Have fun!




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