[mythtv-users] overscan problems with nvidia 8400 GS

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Mon Jul 13 21:53:04 UTC 2009

Hmm, looks like I managed to get my mail client to not send this earlier.

jedi wrote:

>...so it sound like the only people that really need to worry about
>this are the Myth coders and associated theme authors.

And anyone that cares about getting the best picture quality.

Decoding a DCT to one resolution and then resampling that to a 
different one can't be better than decoding the original material to 
the right resolution in the first place - well I'd have thought so 

As an aside, for some time I've been using an old Mac laptop with 
broken display as a 'set top box' with EyeTV. I've had the option set 
to underscan in the Mac output so as to be able to see the menubar 
etc, and the result is that my TV viewing for some time has been 
slightly under-scanned. I've never noticed any edge effects or 
anything else to say that displaying the entire picture as broadcast 
is a bad idea - that's with UK Freeview.

Simon Hobson

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