[mythtv-users] OT: SATA errors

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Jul 9 14:33:35 UTC 2009

On Thursday 09 July 2009 08:25:22 Glenn Harris wrote:

> I've always gone the 'su -' route, but your comment got me curious and
> I did some searching.  I couldn't find anything that differentiated
> them.  They both allow sudo to log all commands, and create a new root
> login environment (likewise, 'sudo su' and 'sudo -s' do not create a
> new login environment).
> If you have a link/reference/anecdote for one or the other I would
> appreciate it.
> Brian Wood wrote:
> > The Ubuntu way may be a good idea for new Unix users, but it's a PIA as
> > far as I'm concerned. Using sudo all the time is an option, but it should
> > be my choice, not the distro makers decision.
> I'm pretty sure it was the 'Debian way' long before it was the Ubuntu way.
> In my brief searching for the differences between the above commands I
> found quite a few philosophical arguments on the subject though!

No, Debian is much more "standard" in terms of the root account and how sudo 
works. The main philisophical difference between Debian and other distros is 
Debian tends to be more "pure" in their open source philosophy, and to not 
take risks with potentially illegal (in some countries) code.

Ubuntu uses the Debian package management system, and uses more recent (ie: 
less tested) Debian packages in some cases, but Ubuntu is not Debian at all.

We've got way too far OT here I think.

Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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