[mythtv-users] setting up to "Watch TV" on mixed analog, HD comcast cable

mythtv at derdev.com mythtv at derdev.com
Thu Jul 9 12:58:04 UTC 2009

New setup: Mythbuntu 9.04, Hauppauge PVR 500, HDHOMERUN.  Working on a
hybrid box right now.

Comcast (Chicago/West) is working with Mythfrontend to "Watch TV" via the
PVR 500 on analog cable signals only.  I don't seem to have the option or
means to watch the QAM HD channels.

HDHOMERUN channel scan worked, but my setup may be flawed since I've only
defined one Source (Comcast with lineup via Schedules Direct).  I didn't
build/maintain a second source of channels for HD.

Can someone either link me to a setup for this kind of viewing or hit some
major setup points?  I'm having a bit of a brain fart over this issue.

Q: How to "Watch TV" for both Analog and HD/Digital over Comcast cable
when you have the PVR 500 and HDHOMERUN to view from??

I kind of expected that "Watch TV" would have a sub-option that would say
"There is more than one stream of TV content, which do you want?" (I had
thought that would come from there being 4 tuners available!)


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