[mythtv-users] Failed HD-PVR recordings

Kevin Wambsganz wambs at verizon.net
Wed Jul 8 23:11:09 UTC 2009

Thank you for the script. I was using an old D10Control.pl script I found.
I'm now using the script below and it seems to be working OK.


I checked the firmware version that the HD-PVR driver was reporting from the
HD-PVR, it said the following:

       hdpvr 1-5:1.0: untested firmware version 0xf, the driver might not


I updated the firmware on all three HD-PVRs that I have to the following:

        hdpvr 2-1:1.0: untested firmware version 0x12, the driver might not


I downloaded the version from the
http://www.hauppauge.com/site/support/support_hdpvr.html site


It was version 1.5.6


I also have my HD-PVR to output 720p only.


So, I'll try this and report back in a few days if this solved my HD-PVR
failures. Only time will tell.


Thanks to everyone that replied for their help!!




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On 07/08/2009 12:56 PM, Kevin Wambsganz wrote: 

Hi John,


Sorry for the top post, but stupid verizon webmail does not allow me to
bottom post.


I'm using DirectTV as well.


Could you post your channel change script or send to me?


What model of STB do you have? I think mine is H21-???. I'm at work right


What version of the firmware in your HD-PVR do you have?


Here is some useful information for channel changing with DirecTV:

The channel change script is in the External links section:

I also have a DirecTV H21 using HD-PVR and control the H21 using
USB-to-serial cable.  The HD-PVR is using the 1.5.6 firmware.  No problems
here running it on a slave backend.  My H21 is still set to output
everything at 720p though.


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