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Jason Ward Jason.Ward at 3dtlimited.com
Mon Jul 6 22:08:10 UTC 2009

I've been looking around for someone in the UK that makes and sells Myth systems, I've found one, but unfortunatly not somone I feel able to trust. 

So it looks like I will need to do it myself. 

What I want is back end system with 2 dual tuners for DVB-T (Freeview) and either a dual tuner or two tuners for HD Satellite (Freesat). 

I then want two silent or near silent front end systems. 

I've read the hardware requirements wiki page, and looked at various cards avaialble to me. I was hoping for an upto date shopping list, this as you probably all know, not the case. 

I think I've got the Freeview/DVB-T cards I need as Hauppague WinTV NovaT digital PCI TV card however I can't find a HD Satellite card, do any exist? Or am I trying to reach for the impossible? 

What I'm also not sure about is how much processing power I will need, I was thinking Gigabyte GA-M720-US3 socket AM2+ motherboard with AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core Socket AM2+ Processor with 8GB Ram. But I quite honestly don't know if I'm over doing it, under doing it, or getting it about right. The only thing that will run on this system with be the Myth backend. 

What do people think I shoud be looking at for the front end devices? Again they will be single use, i.e. to play back running the Myth front end. What I want is guidance on the minimum spec I would need so as to know I'm going to have a good experience playing HD content. 

I also have some questions, I've played with a MythTV system I purchased from supplier I won't be using again, but I have had a number of problems, I wanted to know if they were perculiar to what I purchased or wether they are part of how Myth behaves. When recording radio broadcasts transmitted over Freeview Myth doesnt seem to realise its audio only, is there a way to fix this? I've also found that my Myth system just stops recording from time to time, there is diskspace to hold the recordings and they are marked in the database as having been recorded... they just are not there, I am presuming that Myth doesnt do that for everyone, but I'd like that confirmed. 

Finally, is there a way to configure in some fairly high level way (i.e. without writing code in whatever language MythTV is written in, but perhaps writing in some fairly high level scripting language) to have MythTV log into a website, allow me to browse the video's on that website and then download an play them? 

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