[mythtv-users] overscan problems with nvidia 8400 GS

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More generally I've read the series of posts with great interest.  While there has been suggestion that NVIDIA be lobbied to provide 
a fix, the problem does not actually come from NVIDIA and if NVIDIA fix it then that is nice of NVIDIA, however I'd rather NVIDIA 
fixed some other things first, such as VDPAU...

The problem is actually the TV set manufacturers who have persisted in producing TV's to the old broadcast paradigm of overscan.  It 
was not a safe assumption and simply overlooked foreseeable consumer needs.  As noted some sets are now (finally) being made with 
this recognised and provided for.

I do not know for sure but I have a strong suspicion the fix is actually just a TV firmware issue, the more recent Sony TV's, as 
Nick has observed, now incorporate a menu item to fix the issue, that is of Sony's making.  From my reading of a number of manuals I 
note the option has only recently been introduced.  manufacturers will vary.  Some sets are cunningly designed to do it 
automatically, refreshingly overdue.

I argue the TV manufacturers should provide firmware fixes for their overscanning TV's by simply adding the menu item that disables 
overscanning.  This is the best place to fix it, at source where the issue is created.  All affected sets should be corrected.

Consumer pressure has to be brought to the TV manufacturers.

I suggest a good start is a web page somewhere listing TV's known to have overscan fixes provided (and what they are).   (?Would the 
mythtv or perhaps Wikipedia be the most appropriate place?)

Similarly a listing of TV's known to not currently have a overscan / firmware fix.  I am proposing that increasing pressure not be 
sent to NVIDIA, but instead to the TV manufacturers.

In New Zealand the TV must be fit for the purpose(s) intended.  I believe the manufacturers here have a duty to provide firmware 
fixes (or whatever is required).  The interesting question for me is how far back should they reasonably fix the sets?  Of course 
similar consumer obligations are likely to exist in other countries.

I've been studying this for some time now as I also enjoy the overscan problem.  While mythtv can fix it for mythtv it does not fix 
it for the desktop.

If consumer / users lobby their retailers and higher up the chain some more appropriate and permanent fixes might come our way.

The question has been asked which NVIDIA cards have the problem e.g. the 8400 has been "named" in the subject.  As best I can tell 
it is not a card model problem, they all share the same "problem" but not of their making.  Lets get the root of the problem fixed.

I look forward to hearing comments in response to the tortise's view of things.


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> Check through the menu of the tv and see if you can get it to auto
> scan to the signal. On my Samsung panel I can choose between 4:3, 16:9
> and "just scan". The default is 16:9 and on this, there is some
> overscan. If I change the setting to "just scan" I get the whole
> image.

Similarly on a 6 month old Sony Bravia (1080p). The menu is:

HOME > Settings > Setup > Screen Settings > Display Area

It was set to NORMAL
I changed it to FULL PIXEL

I found that after hours of google.


Nick, I am sorry to hear that took you so long.  The answer was recently and kindly posted on the NZ list.  (!)  (Also RTM, its in 
there too, although I agree it doesn't leap out of the page at you!)


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