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On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 8:05 AM, Johnny <jarpublic at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am looking at projectors (on a budget as usually), and I am trying
> to decide which features have the most impact on the perceived image
> quality. I recall seeing a good article for HDTVs that basically
> ranked the various specs in terms of their impact on the perceived
> quality. As I recall contrast was the most important, but I can't find
> the reference. I know that resolution is usually the poster boy for
> image quality, but I believe it is actually less significant in terms
> of perceived quality than others. Can anybody give me a good
> reference, or order the specs (e.g. brightness, contrast, resolution)
> and explain why? I just want to be informed on the trade offs as I
> compare models.
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1. Contrast - with a projector black is really hard to create.  It is the
absence of light.  A good looking picture will need this.
2. Res. - Today i would recommend getting 1080p for Blu-ray prices are low.
If its out of your price range go 720p.
3 - Brightness - this usaully works against #1.  With high contrast your
brightness is lower and vise versa. You need to think about your room.  Will
there be not ambient light?  If so get higher contrast with lower
brightness.  If there is a window you may want to get one with more

You will also want to know how big you screen is goign to be.  You dont want
to have a high contrast with too big of screen or too much ambient light
causing a dim picture.

For more info hit up avsforums.  there is so many guides and ppl willing to
help there.

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