[mythtv-users] LiveTV conflicts with scheduled recording - despite unused tuners on the same box!

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 07:49:03 UTC 2009

> We have a few channels with very little ads there, no ads
> to skip. and if there are, I've been interrupted enough to
> be about 1 hour late on the program so I can fast forward
> quickly.
> I like the ability to do stuff in my living room, playing
> with my kid or cooking with the TV running in the
> background and if I hear something I find interesting then
> I watch.
> But the time I used to have the chance to sit down, and
> watch TV without being interrupted, is long gone.

Excellent points. I do watch very little LiveTV myself now,
but I would watch a lot more if the channel switching worked
better for exactly the reasons you just laid out.

Additionally I do find that I'm missing a lot of new and
interesting shows purely because I no longer browse live TV
or watch adverts :)

Something I think would make a huge difference to live TV is
the ability to use an existing recording session for a
channel rather than starting a new one, which I presume
would start viewing much quicker than starting a new tuner.
I possess enough tuners (6) that with multirec I could
record all Australian FTA channels simultaneously - channel
flicking would be really quick then :)

Lindsay Mathieson

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